August 02, 2012


I haven't written for a couple of weeks, I knew this was bound to happen (I'm not very good at blogging, I never have the time or know what to write) I did however think it would take a little longer for me to abandon the blog. But I'm back!

I'll start by updating you [my imaginary readers] on what I've been up to, that and more photos after the jump!

Two weeks ago my boyfriend, my dad, my sister and I decided to sail to Denmark. All was going well until we were about halfway there, at that point 75% of our crew was displaying symptoms of seasickness, the wind speeds were at 10+ m/s, everyone had been drenched by the biggest waves we had ever seen AND the gps broke. We decided we needed a change of plans and headed towards the closest harbour, Lysekil on the Swedish west coast. The next day the winds picked up and not a single boat left the harbour, we spent the day shopping and visiting Havets Hus, an aquarium. On the third day the weather cleared up and we spent two sunny days sailing back home to Grebbestad. It fascinated my boyfriend that during this four day sail up and down the Swedish coast, we did not tack once (tack: turning the boat up against and through the wind resulting in the boom and sails moving over to the other side...).


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  1. Wow, you sound really adventurous. Although I'm all about travel, when it really comes down to it, I don't think I would have the guts to step foot on anything outside of my comfort zone!