June 28, 2012

Wild Strawberries

Today is my first day blogging and I don't really know where to start!
I'm having quite the uneventful summer as my boss has me on standby (I'm not working but I can't leave town as he may call me into work...) and as I mentioned I live in a town. A small Swedish town. A small Swedish town where I don't know anyone.

Due to above reasons my day has been a lazy one and it seems my whole summer will follow in those tracks.

A graphic representation of my prediction of this summer...
Ray Ban Tortoise sunglasses, OPI nailpolish, Nautical sleeping mask from Dollydripp on Etsy, Asus laptop

I had Strawberries with sugar and milk for breakfast (read: late brunch) today before changing into a bikini and spending the day tanning in the backyard. When mom got back from work we went for a walk and picked smultron, which in English are called wild strawberries or woodland strawberries. A strange name I think as they are quite different from strawberries. I have never met a non-Swede who knows what smultron or wild strawberries are, do you?

x. J

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